Natural Methods of Induction

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Having a baby can be an exciting time. There are lots of things to do so that you can get ready for it, such as painting the room and buying new items. However, the thought of carrying the baby to term can worry some people, especially those who are getting to the point of being overdue. Even though the ability to bring a life into the world is a miraculous thing, by the end of the pregnancy there are times that you just want to get the baby out. It leads to expectant moms looking for natural methods of induction.

There are a number of ways that people have come up with to help induce labor naturally. Even doctors will mention a few of them. However, it is worth pointing out that none of these are clinically proven and you should speak to your doctor if you are worried about any of them.

Learn to Relax

women relaxing in bath

This is the first and most important. Stress is not good for the baby but by worrying about being overdue, you will be putting your body under unnecessary stress. Take some time to relax and get rid of all the tension. That could be a warm soak or having a good cry; you will know the best way for you.

While being relaxed, you can start to imagine the first stages of labor. You should spend some time concentrating on what it will be like for the contractions to happen. If you have had a baby before, this will be easier than if you have not.

Have Intercourse

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This will usually be the last thing on our mind but it has been known to work. In fact, there are doctors that will suggest this because the mixture of sperm and an orgasm can aid with the induction process. It creates a Prostaglandin, which you would usually gain through the use of Pitocin in the hospital.

Do not worry as this will not harm your baby and it can actually make the birth much easier because it will open the cervix by around 2 cm. You can work on finding a comfortable position and you never know, the baby may just give in because of all the effort that you are putting in just trying to get started.

Try a Little Exercise


Exercise has been known to help with inducing labor naturally because it can help with contracting the uterus, which is what the contractions are anyway. There are light exercises that you can do, including walking or belly dancing to help with the process. Do not overdo it, however, and speak to a doctor if you are worried.

If the exercise does not work then consider taking a drive. This could be considered as an Old Wives’ Tale but bumpy car journeys can help with inducing labor. The bumps will help you relax, which will take you back to the first steps. This does not work for everybody so do not be overly disappointed if it does not work for you.

There are hundreds of natural methods to induce labor but not all are for everybody. Spend some time with your doctor or midwife to talk about the possible options and find the best one for you. Do not do something just because you want the baby out because you will tense your body and put extra stress on the baby.