What are E-Cigarettes and what are their benefits

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You must be thinking that what on the earth these E-Cigarettes are? Well, don’t worry at all because this is not something that has come into this world through a space ship. Actually, these cigarettes are the future of this world. We all know about the side effects of cigarettes and that is why these new cigarettes are introduced that are called electronic cigarettes as well. These cigarettes look like an ordinary cigarette but you don’t need to fire them up in order to use them. All you need is an electronic cigarette with its cartilage and a charger. You can charge your cigarette instead of burning it with fire. Instead of tobacco and nicotine, cartilage is used in these cigarettes. We will be describing more about these cigarettes in below paragraphs so just keep reading about these revolutionary cigarettes that are going to change the way world smokes.

It would be wrong to say that there is no smoke produced by these e-cigarettes but this is a fact that the smoke produced by them is in very low quantity plus there are no side effects of this smoke as well. You can say that this is a safe form of smoking and if you will smoke that way then there will be no side effects on your health too. Since, there is very less smoke produced by electronic cigarettes so that is the reason why they are called E-Cigarettes.

Some of the features of these cigarettes that you must know about are;

Casing – There is a casing that you will get with the pack of electronic cigarettes. This casing or rod will be empty at that time because you will need to refill it with cartilage. This casing looks like an ordinary cigarette but it is totally different because there is no tobacco in it. You will need to insert cartilage in it and enjoy health friendly cigarette.

Cartilage – A cartilage is something that you can fill in the casing. This cartilage will contain the nicotine that you will be inhaling while smoking. The best thing about these E-Cigarettes is that you can control the amount of nicotine that you are going to intake while smoking. Once you will refill a cartilage it will keep working for a long time. Usually, a cartilage runs as long as 18 – 20 cigarettes will run. So, this is not an expensive deal at all because you can use this cigarette anywhere you want and one cartilage will be enough for many days as well.

Charger – You will get a charger with these E-Cigarettes. This charger will work as the lighter that is used in ordinary cigarettes. All you need is to charger your cigarette and keep using it for a long time.

Filter – Finally, there will be a filter with these cigarettes that is the most important thing to have. If you don’t have a filter then you will not be able to smoke. Just attach the filter and enjoy E-Cigarettes.